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Large corporations and SMEs use Rapidmooc’s videobooths daily to create training or communication videos. Our users, the cheerful Rapidmoocers, share a wealth of experiences in recording training and informational content, media training, team building, and live broadcasting. Whether it’s about building connections, conveying messages, or sharing knowledge, the Rapidmooc solution is deployed in recording rooms that are readily accessible to all employees, within each company’s premises. Often featuring personalized designs, these studios seamlessly blend with the organization’s culture and visual identity.

Universities, business schools, engineering schools, and training institutions from various fields use Rapidmooc to make their learning content interactive and dynamic. Courses are recorded, public speaking sessions, role-playing, and media training sessions are organized, collaborative projects, CVs are recorded on video, and much more. Everything is possible with videobooths that bring out the creativity and acting talents of everyone, whether they are teachers or students. Whether done independently or as a group, recording is child’s play for everyone!

Public or charitable organizations also use video to inform the public, promote their activities, and raise awareness of critical issues. These missions require increasingly dynamic and impactful content. Video is an excellent way to create synergies between different regions, with multimodality bridging distances or audience size when delivering messages. Communication becomes more engaging and unifying, resonating with enthusiastic and passionate learners or communicators.

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Each studio has about a hundred users. That means tens of thousands of Rapidmoocers combining creativity, good spirits, and filming sessions to produce wonderful videos! What do they think? How do they make the most of it? What is the Rapidmooc philosophy?

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Discover how lecturers, students and administrative staff at Queen Margaret Univeristy have incorporated the Rapidmooc studio into their daily lives, and now publish over 25 videos a week.

This entire district of elementary schools has implemented an innovative learning journey, featuring storytelling, writing assistance, reading support, and much more, all focused on the creativity of the children and their teachers. Discover the stages of deploying over 15 studios!

Improving the quality and quantity of training is essential for transmitting meticulous expertise. Video recording is therefore key, both for training and communication!

The exchanges between hospital services had to reinvent themselves with the pandemic and the need to minimize travel. Discover how they now instantly and efficiently share info and knowledge.

The University of Portsmouth enhanced its educational video production with Rapidmooc. This enriched online teaching and independent learning, fueling the development of educational videos with over 230 hours of recording in a few months.

Corporate training is now multimodal. How to deploy digital transformation collaboratively through video capsules?

Use cases are diverse within large corporations, where employees are spread across multiple countries. Dynamic video creation not only provides powerful communication but also fosters enthusiasm!

The transmission of knowledge can sometimes involve complex concepts to represent. From knowledge management to internal communication, discover the alchemy between the scientific world and video!

Find the perfect illustration of the winning triptych: training – communication – animation within a large corporation, seeking a multifunctional video solution.

A very good example of full adoption of the video booth to infuse corporate culture while simultaneously facilitating internal learning! Discover “L’Occitube.”

How to train future generations in public speaking, lively and creative management? When the video recording tool becomes a generator of scenarios and a coaching tool, it is to the delight of both teachers and students!

Thousands of videos created and a hundred times more British pounds saved for the integration of multiple studios and the receipt of an academic trophy!

Creating your own training videos independently can be simple, cost-effective, with a professional-quality outcome. How to equip a campus optimally?