Practical cheat sheets

Memos & To-do list

Because in the heat of the moment, it’s not always easy to remember everything, we have designed some practical and synthetic sheets, allowing you to find the essentials to know and/or take into account throughout the video production chain.

Video Recording Studios

Creating an optimized PowerPoint presentation

Complete to-do list to create a dynamic PowerPoint presentation ideal for Rapidmooc shootings, depending on the recording mode chosen

Création de Vidéo Entreprise

Video shooting on a green background

Useful reminder, both for the presenter (dress, attitude…) and for the background management, to keep on hand before and during the recording

Création de Vidéo Entreprise

Création d’une présentation PowerPoint optimisée

To-do list complète pour concevoir une présentation PowerPoint dynamique et idéale pour les tournages Rapidmooc, selon le mode d’enregistrement choisi