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Where does Rapidmooc come from ?

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By simplifying the professional creation of video content to make it more accessible and less costly, we are working to democratise the production of today’s most popular format and facilitate the digital transformation of organisations. Rapidmooc is above all a state of mind for its founders as well as its users: endless video possibilities in complete autonomy while having fun and without any technical complexity. Driven by innovation, all our solutions respond to the same mission: keeping the human being at the heart of the training and education.

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4 priority missions

Studios d’Enregistrement Vidéo

Facilitate video creation

Thanks to our turnkey solution that combines hardware and software, video production becomes very easy and allows you to concentrate solely on what matters, your creativity and the field of possibilities that are offered to you

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Save time

Rapidmooc’s technology manages all the technical aspects on your behalf. From content preparation to post-production, everything is managed directly from the studio, which integrates the scripting, the filming settings as well as the video editing.

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Make professional quality
accessible to all

Raising your standards without having to acquire additional skills is possible thanks to the ease of use of our studios: creating professional quality video content becomes child’s play!

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Develop the talents

Because we know that practice can help release the inner actor that dwells within us all, we aim to promote everyone’s autonomy through our self-serve solution. Just like learning to ride a bike, training is key to gaining confidence and serenity (or revealing your hidden talents!)

Key figures

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International development

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New York

We believe in

Personal development

Because your education or career pathway is constantly evolving, it is paramount to remain curious! To give yourself the means to acquire new knowledge, to develop your know-how, your interpersonal skills and nurture your potential for future development.

Unlimited creativity

Freeing your imagination is the first step towards creation. Whatever your inspiration, it is up to you to define the field of possibilities! We are convinced that everyone can produce fantastic content, as soon as they are no longer limited by technical constraints. All you have to do is concentrate on what’s important: bringing your ideas to life.

Team spirit

Collective intelligence is essential in knowledge sharing. Our studios enable large companies to federate their employees, just as a plethora of universities exacerbate student or faculty solidarity around common projects. You certainly know this superb African proverb “Alone we go faster, together we go further” 😊

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