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Video Recording Studios

CREPS Montpellier, using video to support elite athletes

CREPS Montpellier (Montpellier Sports Expertise and Performance Resource Center) is a public sports and youth training facility. It’s run by over a hundred staff and welcomes close to 1,000 students each year for 40 different sports-related training courses, as well as hundreds of top-level athletes. Video content is used extensively throughout their training and plays an important role in teaching.


Video is an integral part of the training content created by many sports training establishments, and MOOCs have long since become widespread in the field. It was during a presentation of video solutions for a sports federation that Olivier Lerouge – Head of Digital Technology at CREPS Montpellier – first learned about Rapidmooc’s studios.

Previously a trainer at the Ecole de Voile et des Sports Nautiques, he had always filmed with whatever means were at hand. But filming using traditional cameras (and then smartphones) wasn’t the most time-consuming part. It was the editing phase in post-production that cost him (and Christophe Batier) long hours and even days of extra work.

This DIY culture drove their search for new technology that would facilitate their educational content creation. The search led to them to acquiring a Rapidmooc studio as a turnkey solution for their trainers. The huge amount of time saved producing videos could now be spent focusing on creating more, higher-quality content.

CREPS Case study

Rapidmooc solution

Created in September 2020, the CREPS Montpellier digital center helps trainers incorporate the Rapidmooc studio and videos into their teaching practices, supporting both local and national projects (RNSPF mission).

The studio is set up in a spacious, multi-purpose room, and fits seamlessly into the trainers’ creative process. It is not only user-friendly but also incredibly versatile, used for a range of applications, from marketing teasers and training sequences to tutorials. Its users love how easy it is to use, the intuitive special effects and the ability to record as many videos as they like without the need of any outside help.

The trainers have since become experts at using the green screen overlay and scene editor (multi-cam effect) to create captivating and unique videos, often cleverly inspired by box office movies or hit series.

With Rapidmooc, video recording is a piece of cake, empowering you to record short scenes or complete courses in no time at all.

Unique video idea

WhatsApp treasure hunt

8 videos were filmed with the Rapidmooc studio, creating immersive scenes that gradually drew viewers into a pre-prepared story. These videos were then sent in a group chat with the participants, who were challenged with finding clues and other treasures hidden within.


Creative freedom



Elite technology for elite athletes

Regardless of their skill level, athletes must always strive for the very best if they are to achieve everything they are capable of. And to do so, they need the very best technology. An immersive experience for learners is key to reproducing the real-life situations they will face in heat of competition. 

That is why the Rapidmooc studio has became so popular throughout the training centres. It not only simplifies video creation but also expands the range of possibilities. By employing film and TV scriptwriting techniques, trainers use the studio to engage students in an enjoyable and entertaining process that pushes the boundaries of imagination and progress.

With multiple recording modes and automated effects and animations through the smart teleprompter, the studio met all their video creation needs. On top of that, the centre plans to use Rapidmooc for other purposes, such as media training for its athletes.

Key figures

+ 20 trainers

from the CREPS team use the studio

Videos recorded

Every week

6 x 3 m green screen

for a more immersive experience

User quotes

“Rapidmooc Studio has revolutionized our approach to sports training, making the process more interactive and engaging than ever before.”

“Thanks to the Rapidmooc studio, we were able to create high-quality sports training content in record time, which significantly improved our efficiency.”

“Studio Rapidmooc offers an intuitive and flexible platform that has enabled us to easily adapt our training programs to the specific needs of our trainees.”

“Using the Rapidmooc Studio has dramatically improved our trainees’ engagement in the training process, helping them to achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently”

“Rapidmooc Studio has been a real asset to our team, allowing us to create interactive and stimulating sports training content that has had a tangible impact on the production of our trainees and future coaches.”

Going forward

One of our objectives is to double down on the creativity of our scenarios. It’s already possible to put a green screen on the floor, but why not on the ceiling?

Familiarising teachers with new digital technology sometimes takes time. The awareness raising campaign could be expanded, given how widely the studio is used, including by other sports federations and ministries.


Olivier Lerouge, Head of the CREPS Montpellier Digital Centre