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E-learning Video Creation


A global luxury watch brand, the company has been delivering historic watchmaking expertise for over a century. Working to offer iconic models of exceptional quality and reliability, the Manufacture ensures that its thousands of employees have the training and content that enables them to preserve this culture of Swiss excellence and meticulousness.

E-learning Video Creation

Objective: to improve the quality of training, while increasing the amount of content available.

The internal training team has an essential mission for the proper transmission of this precious know-how, and has sought solutions for pedagogical creations, in conjunction with the multimedia team.

Until then, they were produced as classical and rigid presentations.

A video agency was asked to create a training course in the form of more than 6 episodes, but given the time and budget involved, the solution was not retained in the long term.

Production Vidéo de Formation

How Rapidmooc Studio meets this objective

The Rapidmooc studio not only integrates all the elements required to make video shoots in complete autonomy and simplicity, but it also allows to take breaks during the recording and to adapt to the logistical constraints, the company having restrictive security processes and imposing the use of a specifically formatted computer. Not to mention the touch screen, which is very practical!

The accompaniment and the training around the handling of the studio is also a strong point, by the simplicity of use and the methodology set up


Presentation of the tool and good practices


Exercises so that everyone can test the functionalities


Questions / answers and appropriation of the studio with more precise needs and a desire to go further


Explanation of all the technical features and creative potential

The accompaniment is thus playful and gives the freedom to apprehend the tool in its own way.

Who uses the Rapidmooc solution?


Communicators, internal information coordinators

The marketing team

The Human Resources team

The sales team

The clients care and maintenance team

What types of videos can be created with the studio?

Asynchronous videos, to compensate for the impossibility of attending live videos:

Training sequenced in several episodes (e.g.: series of 3 videos) according to simple or technical themes


Wide variety of content

Synchronous videos to energize video conferences (previously rather static) in the manner of modern and interactive explanatory clips, broadcast on Youtube

Key figures

3 training sessions

/ week

3 days per week of use

(and this is just the beginning 😁).

In less than 4 months


videos shot

By the internal training team.

So much more, with the



who come to record themselves.

generally between

1 and 3

people in the recording room for the shootings.


of the presentations in green screen.


live webmeetings.

Strong points

The format allows the most charismatic presenters to create excitement and captivate their audience, thanks to a real presentation dynamic, fluid, simple and continuous.

Marketing and sales teams make the best videos, using fade and other staging techniques to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and make the most of all the studio’s features.

Video Recording Studios

To go further:

Since the tool has only been truly introduced to the organization for a few months, the first videos are a good way to get other users curious. The massive sharing of these creations will probably allow for a collective enthusiasm that will be amplified in the months to come

Given the plurality of the factory’s sites, it would be interesting to deploy a studio for each of these campuses in order to offer a uniform and available equipment.

Increased use of augmented reality is also a near prospect, in order to show very precise technical manipulations, especially to apprentice watchmakers who must quickly get the hang of it.