Record your videos and conduct your webmeetings like a pro​

Rapidmooc PRO

Pro+ 43"

(43-inch screen)

Pro 27"

(27-inch screen)

Rapidmooc Pro

Your ready-to-use, all-in-one studio offers everything you need to create professional-quality videos at scale.

Video on demand

  • Create an unlimited amount of video clips
  • Without any time or space constraint
  • On a large, comfortable and mobile studio

Pro+ 43"

168x108x42 cm (HxLxD)

Pro 27"

158x74x42 cm (HxLxD)

Full HD robotic camera


Visualise the Studio Pro+ in your premises with augmented reality…

Rapidmooc PRO

Pro+ 43"

(43-inch screen)

Pro 27"

(27-inch screen)

Willing to visualize the Studio Pro in your premises ? Check out its real size thanks to augmented reality !

Web meeting & virtual classroom

  • Enhance the quality of your web-meetings by utilising our wide range of features​
  • Use a more flexible and creative format than the mere screen sharing​
  • Keep the attention of your audience by using non verbal communication
  • Compatible with most of the online meeting tools

HDMI output for an external monitor

Video mixer to manage up to 4 HDMI sources

Customizable stylish design​
Wooden frame​

4 wheels

And much more

  • Reinforce team building
  • Practice public speaking media training
  • Display dynamic presentations in front of an assembly

Shipped with the accessories to get you started straight away


Connectors, cables, wireless keyboard, remote control


Green screen with tripod


2 HF lapel mics and wired microphone


4x LED studio lights

Utilise a wide range of features to meet your video production needs


Broadcast your events live on video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

Digital teleprompter

Prompting the presenter with their script whilst recording, the digital teleprompter ensures you focus on what’s essential, your presentation. Adjust the scroll speed and font size to suit you


Cut and paste, edit subtitles, add credits and merge videos. All your content is ready to use almost immediately after you finish recording


Access your favourite meeting platforms on the Rapidmooc studio and bring your online meetings to life

“Multitasking, our studios offer up to 11 different features. Learn more during the demo !”

From green screen to augmented reality, easily switch between recording modes

Customise your studio with your own branding

Studio Pro+ Armantis
Studio Pro+ Oxford

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