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The Video Assistant

Powered by AI

Artificial intelligence can serve as a powerful ally throughout the whole creative process. From saving time and energy to providing an endless source of inspiration, it can facilitate content creation like nothing seen ever before.

And as it evolves beyond the realms of chatbots, it can make for a very useful assistant when recording videos with a Rapidmooc studio!

A whole suite of smart features directly integrated into our video studios.

Generate unique content

Improve your content quality

Engage in instant conversations

Create new scenarios

And so much more…

Our AI video assistant streamlines and enhances the entire video creation experience. Now, it’s even quicker and easier to make your videos more unique, more accessible and more captivating. And on top of that, our new features make each Rapidmooc studio more versatile: why not use it to practise speaking a foreign language or assess students?

The power of AI, directly in your Rapidmooc studio

Our mission has always been to make recording videos as easy as possible. That’s why we first used AI to upgrade our existing features and make them better than ever:​

Engage your audience with a supercharged teleprompter script

Find yourself lacking inspiration or with writer’s block? Our AI teleprompter generator can write the whole speech for you. Or transform your existing text from fun to serious, formal to informal, educational to persuasive… all you need to do is ask.

Image generator

Gone are the days spending ages looking for the perfect, royalty-free image. Why look for it when you can make it yourself? The AI image generator creates the exact visual you need for your video.

Speech-to-text transcription

Subtitles are essential for accessibility. And now our Rapidmooc studio can transcribe whatever you say directly into subtitles, without you needing to prepare a speech beforehand.

Multilingual dubbing

Open your videos to a truly global audience with multilingual dubbing with realistic voices.

And brand-new features for a whole new world of possibilities

Interview mode

A ready-to-use mode for recording interviews that are ideal for social media snack content and onboarding.

Interactive Quiz

Design and take quizzes directly through the studio as a fun and educational way to assess students or yourself.

Multilingual avatar

Create an eye-catching video or practise your conversational skills in any language with our digital incarnation of our AI assistant.

Our AI video assistant amplifies the impact video can have within your organisation.

Video can be a mighty tool when in the right hands. And with a Rapidmooc studio and its AI-powered video assistant, those hands are yours. Here are just a few ways you can use the amazing videos you create within your organisation:

Culture & communication ​

Bring your employees/students closer together: ​

Effective learning

Transform your viewers from simple spectators to active learners:

Group activities

Use the versatility of Rapidmooc's AI video assistant for:

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