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Rapidmooc makes it easy to record high quality video and conduct remote meetings. However, needs are evolving with high expectations in terms of transcription, translation and video accessibility.

Good news! Our studios can now integrate a range of additional features based on speech recognition and synthesis, thanks to artificial intelligence.

The benefits are numerous:

Imagine a prompter that adapts to your speech rate, and not the other way around: the speech is immediately more spontaneous!

Automatically translate your videos into different languages to maximize your audience.

Automatically translate your videos into different languages to maximize your audience.

Develop group emulation with foreign language expression competitions to progress together while having fun.

Stressed about recording a video in another language? No problem! Our ultra-realistic synthetic voices help you better assimilate complex pronunciations.

Automatically generate subtitles to meet accessibility requirements and allow content to be viewed in any condition, even without sound on.


Automatic transcription by voice recognition

Pronunciation training in all languages

Automatic translation of videos

Voice synthesis / voice-over

Speech services

Transcription and subtitling

Automatic transcription and subtitling using speech recognition:

Also known as “speech to text”, this feature allows you to generate, automatically and live, the subtitles or a text document from the analysis of the audio stream of your presentation. The detected text is displayed progressively during the recording. This transcription does not require the use of the prompter as it was the case until now. It can be used as a basis for the accessibility of videos or their subsequent translation.

Pronunciation training in all languages:

Available in more than 50 languages, the voice coach is a significant boost for foreign language learning. Thanks to the pronunciation evaluation, the progress of diction is visible because it is quantified by the AI at the end of the recording. If you have difficulty pronouncing a word, it will soon be possible to have it read by the AI, which will guide you through the phonetic nebula of each language. Speak, repeat, listen, the sound memorization is intended to be assisted, in addition to the trick of the “mirror” of Rapidmooc studios, which allows you to see yourself as well as hear yourself.


Automatic translation:

Continuing the use of AI in language management, the machine translation feature relies on the tool’s ability to decipher what is being said verbally, and then translate it automatically. Why require intermediate steps when the video can be retrieved directly with subtitles already translated and integrated? Saving time and energy, automatic translation is a precious ally: the language barrier is no longer a barrier, it is now a door that opens very easily with Rapidmooc studios!

Voice synthesis / Voice over :

Adding sound to your presentations with a virtual voice or integrating a voice-over into your videos is now as easy as pie thanks to our new text-to-speech feature. Dozens of natural-sounding voices are available in many languages. The programming of these voice interventions in our interactive prompter allows you to make your content more lively: no more monologue, more dialogue, but always in autonomy!

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