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Learning & Communicating

The transmission of knowledge and the sharing of information continue to be reinvented, with the rise of remote work accelerating the process. Sharing knowledge and messages now requires to be increasingly inventive and able to identify new ways of teaching and communicating.

While technological innovation is boosting learning, multiple realities are galvanizing the world of communication. A bold dynamic is being built around hybrid pedagogical models and the evolving triptych of embodiment, perception and interaction, vectors of transformation of the collective communicative reality

This comprehensive study includes:

Precise definitions of concepts to know

Opinions of experts and actors of digital transformation within their organizations

Enlightening and representative statistics on current and future change

A panorama combining theory and practice to better understand the backstage of today's and tomorrow's interactivities

Corporate Video Creation
Corporate Video Creation

There are several ways to read this white paper:

1° Progressive reading

From beginning to end, in the order suggested

For a fluid and sequenced progression through a succession of illustrated themes

2° Fragmented reading

This white paper offers a multitude of information and best practices, organized by chapter

Depending on your priority objective, feel free to pick which categories to read first and to come back to other subjects later

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