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Why is video recording the best communication solution?


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of communication is non-verbal

Does this number ring a bell? In the last survey we ran, the focus was on the most used types of content, and we found many fans of PowerPoint presentations.

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For a long time, it has remained a must in the art of conveying information and messages with a good balance between content and form. However, in the era of social networks, stories, Youtube channels, Twitch and recently Tik Tok, the attention is elsewhere. The video, triggering emotions, crazes and buzz, has become the essential format of this new decade in which we entered with a bang. Here are some figures compiled by Invideo that show that this type of content is massively diffused, with a virality that is not about to stop:

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Video recording not only offers an extremely attractive rendering but also memorable behind-the-scenes footage: the experience of a shoot is as much fun as it is surprising. Have

you ever tried it? You’ll want to do it again! The exercise is mastered by the so-called “influencers” but it is also becoming more and more widespread within companies and schools. Indeed, less repetitive than traditional TV commercials, pre-recorded or live video clips are just as unifying – if not more so, thanks to the unlimited reach of the Internet – and amplify the power of a message, whatever the target audience.

Beyond its captivating aspect, video has a significant pedagogical advantage: it maximizes memorization. Thanks to its visual and sound dimensions, supported by non-verbal language, video recordings effectively address the sensitivity of our sensory sensors. According to George Armitage Miller, an eminent American psychologist at the beginning of cognitive psychology, the ability to retain information, also called “working memory” is stimulated by our senses. On the other hand, it is limited: exceeding our maximum acquisition of new information leads to a cognitive overload that is detrimental to our ability to learn.

The unifying spirit begins long before the shoot

Even if it is no longer necessary to build a film crew to make video recordings thanks to all-in-one solutions such as our Rapidmooc studios [link to homepage], the appointment of the person who will speak and his or her possible assistants is important. Who is willing to play the role of facilitator (or even actor)? Who is there to encourage and support them in this joyful mission? As soon as the scenario is conceived, it is interesting to sound out the employees to find volunteers, themes, open a box of ideas, favour collective reflection for the good of each individual.

Studios d’Enregistrement Vidéo

Suggest to some that they leave their comfort zone, invite others to imagine themselves on a movie set. Enhancing a brand image is first and foremost about enhancing the person who builds it. Of course, the promotion of this filming project will generate various reactions. Sometimes intimidating, sometimes exhilarating, it will aim in all cases to create support.

Video recording offers 360° communication

Whether you want to show off an item, add value to a service, offer training or share information, you usually have to answer these questions:


is it about?


to use it ?


does it apply?


can it be used ?


is this interesting?

While a static presentation unfolds these elements in an almost academic way, a video offers much more. It is a fabulous storytelling tool, based on effects, cadence and the narrator. When he is visible, he carries his message by embodying it. He answers the above questions with much more flexible and playful transitions, for example by changing location, interlocutor or place in relation to his environment. A single video can bring together:

The presentation of an element

Immersion in its universe

Its use projection

But also the 3 phases of a successful communication:

The teaser: announce its imminent arrival while maintaining the suspense

The reveal: to lift the veil on all the mystery maintained until now

The spoiler: leaking a clue

In fact, video recording exacerbates the freedom to create while somehow retaining the spontaneity of sharing. Discussion, show, game, series… it uses the codes of the “success factories” of our time:

The constantly renewed variety that has built the exponential aura of Netflix,

Indirect audience participation through questions, games and other tricks

The authenticity of the meetings and exchanges, which punctuate the daily 1 p.m. news

Humor, which de-dramatizes and lightens a reality heavy enough

Video, a trigger for training and internal communication

(Good) surprises trigger massive word-of-mouth. They send out positive vibes and receive notices that do the same. An email can make people smile, a presentation in a meeting can …put them to sleep. That’s why 75% of employees (according to Forrester Research) prefer to watch videos rather than read documents. On the other hand, you win at the exchange if we believe these figures :


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video =


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frames per second


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second of video =


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(source: McQuivey’s Forrester study)

So 1 video
of 60 second =


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per minute

Your messages will come across better, both in terms of quality and quantity. It’s true that a video recording has a catchy feel. Especially when it offers an enhanced reality: the use of green screen or augmented reality allow you to create videos that are both inventive and immersive! Need some inspiration? Find some video effects ideas here

Training requires concentration, while internal communication is sometimes a distraction. What is the common denominator between these two information vectors that intrude into an employee’s routine? The need for surprise. Enough to make him pause his activity and focus for a moment on this incoming message. Just like our propensity to check our messages as soon as the mobile notification appears, we must make them want to open this content.

From this point of view, a notable advantage of video is that it offers a very short format. A few dozen seconds, a minute. More, for the more daring. Nowadays, it is not necessary to indicate textually that what you see on the screen is a video. Usually rectangular or square, the frame shows a suspended, frozen action. On this image, which implicitly calls for others, there is the “Play” icon. In one click, the magic of the video comes to you. Irresistible appeal, video recording makes your content alive and available at any time, as users of our Rapidmooc studios can testify.