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3 video effects that boost your content

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E-learning Video Creation

Rapidmooc studios have many features, each more practical than the last. Expanding your creative playground, they allow you to surprise, captivate or delight your audience. With simple video effects, you can create stunning and effective communication. Among all the possible ideas, here are 3 video effects helping to boost your content. 

Two videos in one

Firstly, you can put two different videos on the same shot, shown simultaneously. Whether you want to simulate a live report, show a remote conversation between two people, or use the secondary video as a backdrop for your main video, this technique, commonly used in television, allows you to keep your audience’s attention by being able to alternate between the two animated contents. 

Thanks to this video effect, you can offer the sensation of being immersed in the heart of an exciting event, as in the video made by one of our customers with this presentation of the Olympic Games, which you will find just below.  

In this way, you can play with your reactions as a presenter using onomatopoeia, voice tone or gestures to amplify the emotions around the message you wish to convey.  

This tip will make your content more dynamic by playing on the same codes as television shows. Whether it’s a must-see show or a report with commentary, boost your journalistic skills! 

As shown in the picture below, you can display the video of your choice in many different forms. To get this 3D experience, you just need to adapt the video format in your PowerPoint presentation

E-learning Video Creation

Extra tip: make your content more dynamic by playing on the same codes as television shows. Whether it’s a must-see show or a report with commentary, boost your journalistic skills! 

An immersive environment

E-learning Video Creation

A second video effect made possible by Rapidmooc Studios is one that immerses you in the environment of your choice. Indeed, you can easily integrate elements of your presentation in a setting that accurately recreates reality. It is also possible to change the setting regularly to keep the audience’s attention, just like in theatrical settings where the change of backdrop renews curiosity and the feeling of novelty. This is the choice made by the Naval School to keep the attention by putting a video running in the background to simulate the movement of the eye in the environment. The sensation of movement and depth anchors the presenter more firmly in the environment, which is no longer just a background but a space that could almost be visited.  

You can easily integrate the presenter of the video into the environment in a natural way without hiding elements of your presentation. Furthermore, it is the presentation that becomes part of the environment of the person making the video, not the other way around 

Immersion can also be achieved through the instant recognition of strong markers. Logos, objects and, more generally, any graphic element relating to the brand’s identity can dress up the video in your colours. Our client Bioderma judiciously uses these markers to maintain the company’s unifying spirit through an iconic set.

E-learning Video Creation

Extra tip: this video effect allows you to recreate a familiar environment in which sharing information is both funnier and more eventful.

Interactions between two people on superimposed videos

In the same way as the first video effect presented, the interaction between two people is based on two superimposed videos. Two presenters can converse together on the same shot or each positioned in separate videosThis feature opens a new window to the outside world and allows the user to leave the room where the main presenter is located. The collaborative dimension of this video effect makes the production captivating thanks to the conversational aspect in which one participates more easily. Indeed, it is no longer a classic presentation where the attention is monopolized by one person. Here, the focus is on the original and exchange-oriented aspect in which you take part 

The presentation comes alive with these animated exchanges that expand the space and time of the main video, becoming a performance space to watch. This way, the audience really enjoys watching your video because of the livelier aspect that offers much more creative storytelling.   

This is the gamble that CREPS diving took for their training. The playful aspect is based on humour and the use of a cult reference, to make the message more informal and even entertaining. 

E-learning Video Creation

You now have three new video effect ideas to incorporate into your content, to give it more energy and impact.

If you have enjoyed this article and would like to put what you have learned into practice, ask for an appointment at one of our showrooms near you to create your first video! 

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