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Unlocking the Power of Video Storytelling: Top 10 Use Cases in Universities

In today’s digital age, universities are increasingly harnessing the power of video storytelling to engage with students, faculty, alumni, and the wider community. From enhancing the learning experience to promoting campus culture, video has become an indispensable tool for universities worldwide. Let’s explore the top 10 use cases of video storytelling in universities


Lecture recordings

Gone are the days of scribbling furiously to keep up with the professor’s lecture. With lecture capture technology, universities can record and archive lectures, making them accessible to students for review at their own pace. Whether it’s revisiting complex concepts or catching up on missed classes, video recordings offer a flexible learning experience.
Many universities and schools have been using the Rapidmooc all-in-one studios to encourage this hybrid teaching methods. Check our case studies for Oxford University and Queen Margaret University. 


Visuals improve learning by up to 400%


Online course content

Smiling african woman student using laptop computer for online learning at home

In the realm of online education, video content reigns supreme. Universities are creating engaging video lectures, tutorials, and demonstrations to deliver course material to remote learners. From pre-recorded lectures to live-streamed sessions, video enhances the online learning experience, fostering student engagement and comprehension 

And with our AI-Powered video assistant, creating several chapters of online courses is now even simpler. All it takes is a couple of well-chosen prompts (teleprompter text, course summary, visual background, etc.) and you can start recording almost instantly!  


Student Projects Showcase

Every student has a story to tell, and video provides a powerful platform for showcasing their projects, research findings, and creative works. Universities can host virtual exhibitions or create online galleries where students can share their accomplishments with the world. Video storytelling not only celebrates student achievement but also inspires others to pursue their passions.  

Public speaking skills are essential throughout everyone’s life and career, and the more practice the better. Hence Rapidmooc’s success in the US in K-12 schools. You can learn more with our Redlands Case study, which shows how kids are using our video solution in California. 


Recruitment and Admissions​


of institutions report that using video increases student satisfaction

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to attracting prospective students. Universities are leveraging video storytelling to create compelling promotional content that showcases campus life, facilities, academic programs, and extracurricular activities. These videos serve as virtual campus tours, giving prospective students a glimpse into university life and helping them make informed decisions about their educational journey. 

In addition to displaying universities in their best light, videos are also used by students to present themselves dynamically with originality and energy. Thanks to the Augmented Reality and Green Screen modes on the Rapidmooc studios, students can easily present their background and major achievements in a way that truly reflects their personality.


Alumni stories

Behind every successful university are its alumni, and their stories are a testament to the institution’s impact. Universities are capturing alumni success stories through video interviews, documentaries, and testimonials. These videos not only celebrate the achievements of former students but also strengthen alumni engagement and foster a sense of pride and belonging within the university community. 

Why not convey emotion and make the message more personal with a filmed interview? It’s a great way to make the person more authentic and make their testimony much more powerful. Good news : our studios already include an interview mode, including the possibility to directly integrate AI-generated questions! 

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Training and Orientation

Navigating university life can be daunting for new faculty, staff, and students. Video storytelling offers an effective solution for delivering training and orientation materials in a user-friendly format. From campus policies and procedures to academic resources and support services, video tutorials provide valuable guidance and support to newcomers, helping them acclimate to their new environment. 

Training videos have been at the heart of the Rapidmooc story for years. However, the pedagogical landscape is changing, and the use of video and AI are now being seen as new vectors for learning opportunities. Even before videos are distributed and shared, the act of recording serves to help students perfect their public speaking skills and for teachers to transmit knowledge in a more engaging and gamified manner. 


Event coverage

From academic conferences to cultural performances, universities host a wide range of events throughout the year. Video coverage allows universities to extend the reach of these events beyond physical attendees, providing virtual access to a global audience. Whether it’s live-streaming keynote speeches or producing highlight reels, video storytelling captures the essence of the event and showcases it for the whole world to see. 

Platform at university aula


Research communication

Student, happy and reading books in library for education learning or university research in bookst

Communicating complex research findings to a non-specialist audience can be challenging. Video storytelling offers a visually engaging and easily digestible format for sharing groundbreaking discoveries and innovations. Whether it’s explaining scientific concepts through animation or showcasing real-world applications through case studies, video content enhances public understanding and appreciation of academic research. 


Virtual tours

For prospective students unable to visit campus in person, virtual tours offer an immersive alternative. Universities are leveraging video technology to create interactive tours of campus facilities, laboratories, libraries, and other key locations. These virtual tours provide prospective students and their families with a realistic preview of campus life, helping them envision themselves as part of the university community.


Social Media Engagement

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In today’s digital landscape, social media platforms serve as powerful channels for engaging with current students, alumni, and the wider community. Universities are producing short-form video content optimized for social media, from campus announcements and event promotions to student testimonials and behind-the-scenes footage. Video storytelling humanizes the university brand, fosters online interactions, and cultivates a sense of community and belonging. This is why the Rapidmooc studios allow you to easily change the video format, letting you record video in horizontal, vertical or square format to cater to all platforms. 


In summary, video storytelling has emerged as a versatile and effective tool for universities to engage with stakeholders, enhance the learning experience, and promote their brand. By leveraging the power of video, universities can create meaningful connections, share compelling stories, and inspire the next generation of students, scholars, and leaders. And we at Rapidmooc are more than happy to help spread these new teaching habits to many universities and schools!