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10 creative video content ideas to end the year on a high note!

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to get creative with your video content. With the right ideas, you can end the year on a high note by creating memorable and entertaining content for your audience. Whether you’re looking to create an informative video, a humorous video, or something completely unique, these 10 creative video content ideas will help you make a lasting impression. From producing a year in review video to creating a vlog, there are many creative ways to make your video content stand out. Get inspired and end the year with a video that will dazzle your staff or students


Year in Review Video

One of the most creative video content idea is the year in review video. A classic? Not really, when you see how this format is constantly being reinvented! This type of video will allow you to look back on the major events and trends of the past year. This video can be a great way to generate unique content for your marketing strategy. To do this, simply gather different clips from the past year, including particularly noteworthy events. You might consider including clips from video content you’ve already created, such as employee interviews, new product launches, events you’ve attended or videos of your premises. There are creative approaches to this idea, whether it’s rolling the footage without any words or with a staging that plays with film codes. You can also try making a year in review video presented in a different language or format (for example, a musical year in review).


“Behind the scenes" video

Another creative video content idea is to create a “backstage” video in which your team members answer a series of questions about their work or your organization’s culture. This type of video can be very engaging and give your audience a new perspective on the work your team members do on a daily basis. To create this type of video, you’ll need to develop a list of questions that your audience might be interested in. You can ask questions about topics such as a typical day, assignments, job responsibilities, work relationships, or any other topic that your team members would be happy to discuss. You’ll also need to choose an appropriate setting for the video, whether it’s an office, meeting room or other location. You’ll want to make the setting comfortable and relaxed, so your team members can feel free to answer any questions in a natural, unscripted way.


Educational video

Do we still need to introduce you to this format, which has grown exponentially in recent years, largely thanks to you? This video can be used to explain a topic or provide information to your audience.

Educational videos are great for building confidence and can be especially helpful if a concept is new or complicated. You need to choose a topic that is relevant to your audience while presenting the key concepts, sometimes in layman’s terms. The combination of content and form is then valuable for the overall understanding. We have detailed a non-exhaustive list of possible training video formats in this other article here.


Questions and answers (Q&A) video

Another creative video content idea is to create a Q&A video. This format is not only great for providing your audience with key information, it is a fun and interactive format too. You can either choose a general topic for the video or choose questions asked by your audience. For example, you can create a video where employees answer customer questions about your product or service. Or a video where students interview their teacher (reversing the traditional roles of evaluator/evaluated). Dialogue with a peer, a fictional character or a celebrity? Anything (or almost anything) is possible with a little creativity, a PowerPoinT presentation and the Rapidmooc solution . To discover the complete method, it’s here.


Video testimonial

Following on from the previous video, feedback or testimonials consist of presenting answers to questions. However, it often happens that the interviewer is not visible and that only the interviewee is highlighted. Inspirational stories, examples of product use, case studies… the themes are numerous and the advantage is to let volunteer “ambassadors” from your company or university speak, with whom the audience can easily identify. Peer recognition and word of mouth are methods that have been proven and continue to be deployed!


Unboxing video

With the holidays approaching, you’re probably anxious to open your gifts. The act of discovering a surprise that is meant for us often evokes the same reactions of joy, excitement and other positive emotions! This video is based on that same principle. It allows your audience to experience – from a distance – the same feelings of excitement and exhilaration, in addition to offering a more reasoned and analytical overview of the product or subject presented. Widely used for complex products (such as high tech), this technique allows you to break down the elements that make up a main topic, so that you can spend enough time “unpacking the product” or concept. The Santa Claus costume is optional, but I hear it always makes an impact


Video presentation of the team

Another creative video content idea is a video presentation of your team. This type of video is a fun way to put the “behind the scenes” in the spotlight! Great way to humanize your brand. To create this type of video, you need to think of a creative concept or theme for your video. You can choose a theme that relates to your brand or corporate culture. Once you have found this common thread, you can film each person on your team following the chosen topic. At Rapidmooc, we have chosen to wish you all the best for the end of the year, with our cute ugly Christmas sweaters!



A fashionable phenomenon on social networks, the vlog is the format that allows you to tell your life story in video. With short extracts of your daily life, enhanced by overlay effects and well-chosen comments, this short format has made its way onto the web and is starting to make its way into organizations. Internal communication (or external communication) has understood that this small content could have a huge potential for virality. Authentic, friendly, but above all close to its audience, the vlog is the video that can bring the management of a company or an institution closer to its employees or students. It puts the spotlight on any ordinary moment of the day, while making people want to celebrate it. With the end of the year, there’s plenty to be inspired by! Ex : dive into the preparations of the end of year meal or the Secret Santa


Video on the theme of vacation

The end of the year means the vacation season! Since the vacation are often treated as a secondary theme, revolving around the main one – the business – it can be clever to reverse this trend for the holidays. This type of video can be a creative interpretation of your company’s culture and create a relaxed atmosphere to end the year on a positive note. So set yourself on an island paradise to simulate celebrations in the sun or record yourself comfortably by the fire… from your desk, thanks to the green screen recording mode! In no time at all, the Rapidmooc scene editor will take you wherever you want, however you want:


Humorous video

Finally, we’ll end this list with the inevitable humorous video. This type of video can be very engaging and allow you to have a playful dialogue with your audience. You need to think about what type of humor best fits your organization’s culture, and then come up with a creative idea. You can either create a video that is entirely humorous, or you can incorporate humor into a more serious video. For example, you can create a video in which employees do funny things in the office, or you can create a video that is more focused on the products or services you provide while using a little humor in the process. Past confinement periods have seen some very creative content flourish on “home office” anecdotes!

Source : Youtube


Creativity is essential to stand out in an era of video content profusion, so it’s smart to take advantage of calendar highlights to ride the trends. As the holiday season approaches, it’s a good idea to combine good ideas, authenticity and special effects. Whatever combination you choose, try to make an impression so that the return from vacation offers a new burst of video creativity!