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Video and AI: the ideal combo for efficient Continuous Learning

Learning and AI

Intelligence Artificielle 17 June 2024 In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, professional skills are evolving at an unprecedented rate. To keep up, continuous learning has become essential for career success. But how do we keep learners engaged over time? The answer lies in creating a comprehensive learning system, like the one developed by Newton Agence. By […]

How to use AI in Education

person using laptop using artificial intelligence generate images

Artificial intelligence January 29 2024 Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making its presence felt in various industries, and education is no exception. While some may fear that AI will replace human teachers, the reality is quite different. AI is a powerful tool that can enhance the learning experience and assist educators in numerous ways without […]

Why AI should and will not replace humans in Communication and Education – Part 2

IA video

Artificial intelligence January 04 2024 In this second part of our article on artificial intelligence, we delve into the essence of human creativity, spontaneity, and the inimitable intelligence of intuition. These uniquely human qualities are an integral part of communication and education and are what sets us apart from artificial intelligence. While technology and robots […]

Why AI should and will not replace humans in Communication and Education

IA video

Artificial intelligence November 22 2024 Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as the biggest technological trend of 2023, sparking both fascination and fear in equal measure. As society hurtles towards an increasingly automated future, concerns about the potential replacement of human roles by AI have taken center stage. However, at Rapidmooc, we firmly believe that AI […]