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17 June 2024

Video and AI: the ideal combo for efficient Continuous Learning

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, professional skills are evolving at an unprecedented rate. To keep up, continuous learning has become essential for career success.

But how do we keep learners engaged over time? The answer lies in creating a comprehensive learning system, like the one developed by Newton Agence. By intelligently integrating four types of complementary knowledge acquisition experiences, this system caters to all levels of attention and concentration. While the content in these learning categories is diverse, they share a crucial commonality: the video format.

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Why Video?

Videos offer a dynamic and visually engaging way to present complex information. They can simplify difficult topics, keep learners interested and enhance information retention. Moreover, video is flexible and accessible, allowing learners to consume content at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. And it’s not just learners who are embracing video—teachers and trainers love it too!

Educators appreciate the creative freedom that video provides. With tools like the Rapidmooc video studio, for instance, they can utilise green screens or augmented reality to add special effects, immersive scripting and interactive features. This transforms videos into much more than simple recordings.

When integrated into a well-constructed course that includes a variety of documents, videos can promote microlearning. Short, sequenced modules make content less intimidating, easier to digest and more memorable. By grounding the content in realistic scenarios, videos can bridge the gap between theory and practice, creating a deeper connection for learners.

Another advantage of video is its versatility, capable of being used at any stage of the continuous learning cycle.

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1. Engage and motivate:

First and foremost, you need to entice your target audience to embark on the training course. It’s not just about motivation; it’s about sparking curiosity. To achieve this, the teaser format is ideal—much like movie trailers that help us decide which film to watch.

2. Learn and practise:

It’s a well-known fact that repetition is essential for success. Especially as things are evolving so fast these days, it’s crucial not to rest on your laurels, as yesterday’s knowledge can quickly become incomplete or obsolete, especially with the swift emergence of innovations like AI and social networks.

Video format offers an excellent solution, allowing learners to revisit concepts and notions, offering flexible content consumption as needed in today’s world.

3. Memorise and perfect:

While theoretical knowledge can be effectively conveyed through written or spoken forms, practical know-how often relies on gestural or technical mimicry. So, how can this type of knowledge be transmitted remotely? Once again, video presents an excellent solution.

4. Study and explore

Exchanges and opportunities for proactive knowledge acquisition often arise in unexpected places. Traditional classrooms are out, with professionals in the midst of their careers barely able to find time for a coffee break! Interestingly, it is during these informal moments that valuable opportunities can emerge to share insights or make content available for quick consultation.

5. Anchor learning

Memorizing concepts is one thing, but being able to put them into practice is quite another. To ensure that learning has a lasting impact, especially in everyday life, there’s nothing better than a real-life situation where learners can easily see themselves applying their knowledge. The immersion provided by the Rapidmooc videobooth is invaluable for this purpose by helping condense elements into clear and effective summaries.

6. Perform and share

Evaluation, competition, discussion—these are just a few methods to effectively conclude the learning process. Collective emulation drives us further and offers an excellent opportunity to find peers to grow alongside or a mentor to guide you.

AI Video Assistant: enriching and accelerating video creation

The AI tools integrated into the Rapidmooc solution not only enhance content during filming (visuals, teleprompter) but also translate the final video into subtitles and voice transcriptions in a matter of seconds. Additionally, various applications like quizzes, interviews, and avatars enrich the collective experience, making group sessions more engaging and interactive.

These features facilitate the production and distribution of your videos, ensuring high-quality content is easily accessible.


Continuous learning provides a rich, interactive, ongoing educational experience that meets the evolving needs of learners. By following these smart, structured principles, you can improve engagement and retention while fostering a culture of continuous learning. Newton Agence’s method offers the customisation, and the Rapidmooc video studio provides the dynamism with special effects, creating an optimal environment for continuous, impactful learning.

Content originally from the workshop held at Innovative Learning by Florian Di Lella, Rapidmooc Sales and Partnership Director, France Rapidmooc and Anne-Sophie Pouvreau, Newton Agence