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The ideal outfit for the camera

Every morning brings its own set of questions, among them “what to wear today?” 

This is a question that is even more important when you are planning to shoot a video! The choice of clothes and hairstyle plays a major role in the success of your video, and above all, taking note of these few tips will prevent you from unpleasant surprises once you have settled in front of the camera.  

Be careful with the choice of colours

The first point on which you must be very careful is the choice of colours for your outfit. Green and derivatives of green should be avoided, unless you want to play with transparency effects. It is also advisable to avoid khaki, green-brown and other colours that are a little too close to the colour of your background.

You should also be aware that black clothes sometimes cause errors in the treatment of the green background, especially when this colour is combined with specific patterns or materials.

Similarly, plain white clothing (e.g. a white shirt) is not recommended. On the other hand, a dark jacket over a white shirt is a very good idea! In general, avoid dressing entirely in black or white in front of the camera.

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Keep it simple

Just as important as choosing the colour of your clothes, in front of the camera you need to keep it simple. Clothes with strong patterns can easily distract your audience from the content of your video. If too many colours or patterns are mixed with a video background, which is itself added to additional content such as logos or images, the video will be visually loaded. Note that clothing with too fine a pattern, such as stripes or embossed patterns, can also cause processing errors. Good preparation also suggests that a different set of clothes should be worn on recording days.

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Which tone for which style of dress

The tone you want to give to your video is very important to determine before the shooting. This choice is made before you get in front of the camera. This way, you can plan your presentation slides, your script, but also the way you will dress. Dress is an integral part of communication and depending on your target audience who will be watching your video, the tone may not be the same and the same goes for your clothes.

Whether you are addressing students, a CEO or a colleague on camera, the substance of the message depends on the quality of your speech and presentation, but the way you dress is a factor in its success. From the choice of a T-shirt to the choice of a shirt with or without a tie, for example, these are points that will play a role in your information delivery.

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Our advice: pay attention to your haircut

For your hairstyle, be aware that something as fine as hair can be complicated to manage on camera. It is advisable to have a neat hairstyle to ensure that the video rendering is optimal. Why not try plating them or even tying them up to avoid adding  stress with strands of  that might try to confuse you in front of the camera.

Creating a video is not always easy for everyone, but once you have established an environment where you feel comfortable and where your audience will be receptive, you can fully concentrate on the video. In this context, the choice of your outfit is a very important element and if you choose well, it will be a major asset in front of the camera!

If you have enjoyed this article and would like to put what you have learned into practice, ask for an appointment in one of our showrooms near you to create your first video!

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