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Cheat sheet

Video shooting
with green screen

What are the best practices to know to record a video on a green background?

How to prepare and optimize a shoot, in order to be able to use the chromakey effect on the background of your choice?

There are so many tips and tricks to know to make your recording a success !

At the crossroads between practical guide, reminder and checklist, this document will help you prepare the best conditions for a sensational shooting !


Background management

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Green screen shooting is a technique used in film, photography and videography. The green screen technique was developed in the 1950s for use in television production and still photography. The first known use of a green screen for film was in the 1956 science fiction film “The Invisible Boy”.

A green background is used behind the actors, filmed by a camera positioned facing the background. To be inlaid on a background, you just have to position yourself in front of the camera, with your back to the green background. In order for the framing to be optimal and the overlay to be successful, you must remain “inside the green” and not go beyond the borders of the background.

For a green background overlay to be successful, the clipping must be done on a specific green. It is therefore important to take – in RGB (Red Green Blue) – the one that corresponds to the code 0.255.0 .

Allowing for staging games thanks to the incrustation of actors on places or actions, green screen shooting is now a must for making films, but also any type of video. The advantages of this technique are that it saves time, money and energy. It also allows filmmakers to have more creative control over the background, which can be used to maximize video effects.