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4 topics to be presented on video

Watching videos is now part of our daily routine. Short videos are everywherefrom commercials to social networks to training. In a society where time never seems to pass so quickly and every minute is precious, the video format has an obvious advantage of instant and effective sharingWhat are the most important topics to present in video? 

Introduce your new colleagues

Any new arrival of an employee is an opportunity to unite the teams around a positive dynamic and to refresh the content accompanying the integration processIn the context of onboarding, for exampleit can be very relevant and above all very unifying to have your new recruit present himself or herself on video. It is also possible to present your specific working methods or the organisation of your company in video. The creation of such presentation videos allows you to anchor an enthusiastic company culture, surfing on the codes of virality of social networks. In this wayyou can create templates that can be reused over and over againoffering both constant markers of company culture and occasion-specific customisationWhy not also let your new employees present themselves in front of the camera to let them reveal their speaking skills or simply allow them to be themselvesthrough dynamic and authentic portrait. 

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Present new products

The growth potential of a company depends on both the quality of its offer and its presentation. The role played by the catalogue or presentations is therefore essential in the understanding and attractiveness of products or services. Thus, presenting their arrival in video allows for a captivating launch. In the blink of an eye, you can not only get a glimpse of the product but above all a complete, dynamic and interactive description, which allows you to present the key information, benefits, technical characteristics, in a detailed but digestible way. Produce an original and effective video presentation with Rapidmooc studios, which allow you to develop your speech at your own pace, using integrated tools such as the prompter (+ info here [article link], green screen overlay or augmented reality. 

Without effort, your customers and prospects can project themselves with your products or services, thanks to an immersion in a dynamic and concrete universe. In addition to the richness of the information, you will offer a format with a high potential for virality, thanks to sharing on all your communication channels (newsletters, social networks in particular).  

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Share successes and goals

Every project, whether professional or academic, requires an analytical part. After the plan and implementation, it is important to draw conclusions. The comparison of the results with the initial objectives is often the subject of team meetings. These are certainly additional to other group discussions and require more attention, given the stakes.

This is why the video format is an increasingly popular alternative. It allows the same message to be conveyed, but in a more interactive and stimulating form. Attention is retained with less effort and more creativity! More than an oral presentation based on graphics or text, it is about bringing the content you are sharing to life. Celebrating promising growth or raising awareness of an area for improvement are behaviours that accompany facts. The video allows you to script the thought pattern surrounding a specific fact. It unfolds a set of elements whose combination perfectly illustrates the substance through the form.

Rapidmooc’s all-in-one studios combine a plethora of video tricks to enhance your factual communication with emotional intelligence. Integrating immersive elements such as combining logos, objects or inserting a moving background are key elements you can easily add. If you want to learn more about the 3 video effects that energize your content, you can read the article on this subject right here. Presenting in video at a college meeting helps to unite your audience, no matter how large or small. Non-verbal language is key in this sharing, as detailed in this article. (link to non-verbal communication article).

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Spread company news

A lot happens in the life of a company! Are you used to sharing the news of the different departments of your structure with a newsletter? Whether it’s a first or not, the importance of internal communication is well established and your employees will be delighted to see that your company is an active place by receiving news. Why not insert a video into your newsletter to complement the written format? Inserting this new communication trend within your company will allow you to complement your messages in a dynamic way. 

In an increasingly fast-paced, impatient and screen-receptive business world, the video format looks set to be part of the future of business. Whether you are presenting your colleagues, your products, in meetings or talking about your business, this format can be adapted to your needs in all circumstances thanks to its multifunctional, flexible and infinitely adaptable aspect. 

If you have enjoyed this article and would like to put what you have learned into practice, ask for an appointment in one of our showrooms near you to create your first video! 

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