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A complete video recording studio,
quick to install and easy to use

Rapidmooc is a self-service video booth that allows you to change any presentation into a video. No technical expertise needed whatsoever.

Rapidmooc studio

Rapidmooc Studio


A range of user-focused features

Instant feedback, automatic framing, user-friendly interface, digital teleprompter, programmed production and automatic subtitles. Rapidmooc


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Various recording modes to set your creativity free.

Real-time green-screen overlay, augmented reality, picture-in-picture: the only limit is your imagination...



A simple tool with no technical complications.

1. Plug in your computer

Connect your computer, tablet or phone (using a cable or WiFi), and you’ll be overlaid onto your chosen background: slides, videos, images, software.

2. Record your presentation

Start recording, follow the prompter and let Rapidmooc do the rest!

3. Leave with your video

Your video is available in mp4 format as soon as you finish recording, ready to be saved on a USB stick or downloaded onto your network.