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Rapidmooc Classroom



Rapidmooc Classroom

Our all-in-one Rapidmooc studios can effectively replicate the classroom experience. The simple high-performance solution enables teachers to deliver safe, distanced education.

Launch your web meeting or virtual classroom live and hold your class as if your students were in the same room.

Rapidmooc Classroom offers teachers an ideal environment to deliver online courses at the highest quality.

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The simple way to teach at a distance

  1. Start your Rapidmooc Studio.
  2. Connect your laptop to the unit using the HDMI cable.
  3. Select your preferred recording mode.
  4. Launch your favourite web meeting solution, start a live streaming session, or simply record a lesson.
  5. Teach your students whilst watching yourself in front of your chosen background.
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High-quality classroom experience

  • Our Full HD robotic camera provides a high-quality image of the presenter.
  • The 40" touchscreen screen allows you to present your content and interact with your students.
  • The HDMI output enables the display of your content on a video beamer or any other external screen.
  • The HDMI and USB inputs let you integrate your desired background from a laptop, interactive whiteboard, graphics tablet, and more.
  • Integrated wheels increase mobility.
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Professional equipment for a professional teaching experience

  • The greenscreen enables you to easily embed yourself in the background or presentation of your choice.
  • Our professional LED lights provide professional and hassle-free lighting.
  • Our professional lapel microphones provide clear and professional sound quality.
  • Easy-to-use equipment that keeps you connected.
Equipment Rapidmooc

The all-in-one virtual classroom setup

  • Uphold students’ attention and motivation until the end of the course using the variety of recording modes: augmented reality, picture in picture, chroma key, and many more.
  • Maintain a good teaching posture by analysing your performance on the screen.

  • Improve your classroom experience by implementing external digital tools for teaching, e.g. lightboard, touch tablet, additional camera, VR headset.

Easily add additional equipment

Complete your Rapidmooc experience with your additional equipment

  • Graphic tablets
  • Whiteboard
  • Lightboard
  • Document reading systems
  • Additional cameras for close-ups or experiments
  • Webcam for filming students that are in the classroom
  • VR-Solutions


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