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University of
French Polynesia

The Rapidmooc is at the heart
of the university and education!

"We needed a video studio where teachers could record themselves. They can use the Rapidmooc in a few minutes, but also students and partners use it."

Christophe Batier, Head of the UPF's ICT Department

Situation before the installation of the Rapidmooc

There was already a technology to record courses at the UPF - in the respective classrooms, cameras were connected and one camera was installed on a stand that could be moved if necessary. However, this recording technique was much more complicated than the Rapidmooc.

Rapidmooc meets the need for autonomy and technical efficiency

The Rapidmooc meets all the requirements of the teaching staff. It makes an important contribution to the university's communication strategy, as it allows the recording of an increasing number of videos.

In addition, the Rapidmooc meets the need for autonomy and technical efficiency - lecturers and staff can use the Rapidmooc without a technical team and use it for a wide range of recording possibilities.

Quick and easy installation

The Rapidmooc was first commissioned in September 2018, in a videoconference room, after a quick installation that did not require the deployment of a technical team.

Once connected to a computer, simply click on the record button which allows you to start recordings quickly - in conference rooms, classrooms and even in the laboratory.

The possible formats range from the quick format of a few minutes to high quality with the use of the automatic prompter. They are an important part of teachers' pedagogical communication. 

The University of French Polynesia and Rapidmooc

Chiffres clés

  • In two years, nearly 3,000 videos have been shot in the studio.
  • 60% of the videos are made by professors who record videos for their online courses and 30% are made as part of student projects. Video productions from Tahitian companies and institutions make up the remaining 10%.
  • Deployment of the Rapidmooc Mini is scheduled for early September to enable mobile recording!
  • With Rapidmooc's help, the entire university's continuing education program could be online within two years!

Use cases at the UPF

The Rapidmoocs can be used in many different ways: in response to questions from students, teachers use explanatory videos. Short video formats and video presentations are part of everyday life at the university.

A wide variety of video presentations, speech exercises and communication training are possible with Rapidmoocs.

Discover all the available videos!

The most important advantages at a glance

Access to all the training courses and the "Connected Campus Project" in the archipelago :

  • Polynesia is made up of very scattered archipelagos, so its population is also very scattered. Distance may prevent students from attending training courses on site.
  • With the Rapidmooc, distance can be overcome - 95% of the training courses are given in digital form and can allow blended learning.
  • Content can be easily distributed online and conferences can be made more lively and dynamic.
  • In addition, Rapidmooc promotes social exchange and actively integrates students.

Serving a large community

In addition to the classic use in the university sector, Rapidmooc is also used by the university's partners. For example, Polynesian firefighters were able to use Rapidmooc during the COVID-19 crisis to provide vital information to the remote islands of the archipelago. Videos could be quickly recorded and immediately broadcast on Youtube.