The ideal outfit for the camera

Step by step guide 20/09/2021 The ideal outfit for the camera Every morning brings its own set of questions, among them “what to wear today?”  This is a question that is even more important when you are planning to shoot a video! The choice of clothes and hairstyle plays a major role in the success of your video, and above all, taking note of these few tips will prevent you from unpleasant surprises once you have settled in front of the camera.   Be careful with the choice of colours The first point on which you must be very careful is the choice of colours for your […]

How to use the digital prompter and never be stressed about reading your text again

Step by step guide 07/09/2021 How to use the digital prompter and never be stressed about reading your text again Lorem Ipsum lorem You’ve heard of it but never dared to use it? Or maybe you have no idea what it is and don’t know anything about its many advantages… In this article you will discover how to use the digital prompter, how to tame it and adopt it, and simply how to make your videos better!  What is a digital prompter? The digital prompter is the tool you will find in your Rapidmooc to read its text without any stress throughout your video. Once you have the idea, the next step is often writing the script. Once you have gathered all your thoughts and structured your ideas, you might think that you will have to learn your script by heart. But no! This is where the digital prompter comes in to scroll through the content […]