4 topics to be presented on video

Création de Video E-learning

Content ideas 20/09/2021 4 topics to be presented on video Watching videos is now part of our daily routine. Short videos are everywhere: from commercials to social networks to training. In a society where time never seems to pass so quickly and every minute is precious, the video format has an obvious advantage of instant and effective sharing. What are the most important topics to present in video?  Introduce your new colleagues Any new arrival of an employee is an opportunity to unite the teams around a positive dynamic and to refresh the content accompanying the integration process. In the context of onboarding, for example, it can be very relevant and above all very unifying to have your new recruit present himself or herself on video. It is also possible to present your specific working methods or the organisation of your company in video. The creation of such presentation videos allows you to anchor an enthusiastic company culture, surfing on the codes of virality of social networks. In this way, you can create templates that can be reused over and over again, offering both constant markers […]

3 video effects that boost your content

Production Vidéo de Formation

Content ideas 07/09/2021 3 video effects that boost your content Lorem Ipsum lorem Rapidmooc studios have many features, each more practical than the last. Expanding your creative playground, they allow you to surprise, captivate or delight your audience. With simple video effects, you can create stunning and effective communication. Among all the possible ideas, here are […]